August 19, 2019 | EXHIBITION

Opening of MARK'STYLE TOKYO Shibuya Store

MARK'S Inc. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. President: Kuzuhiko Takaghi) opens its MARK'STYLE TOKYO Shibuya Scramble Square Store on November 1. MARK'STYLE TOKYO will be one of the four business formats managed directly by Mark's, with a floor space approximately double that of our GINZA SIX store.

■ Store Concept

MARK'STYLE TOKYO will be the flagship store for Mark’s directly managed stores, which embody Mark’s corporate philosophy: “Let's bring pleasure to the world with Japan-made inspiration.” The Shibuya Scramble Square Store will be positioned as a design-gift store that offers both products that transcend the boundaries of established values and concepts, and new standards of future seasonality.

It will offer a lineup of artistic creations that include the products of collaboration with and between artists and brands, with an in-store gallery that sends out cultural messages. It will be the largest of Mark’s directly managed stores in Japan.


This is a space that will regularly send out the MARK'STYLE TOKYO message. Establishing themes that are bursting with planning options relating to actual designer products, it will not be merely a fair for the sale of goods. It will regularly unveil fresh and surprising plans and cultural planning, the compilations being contrived to provide satisfaction to the most discerning customer seeking hands-on encounters with genuine articles. Please come and touch and feel the style that Mark’s strives to achieve!